We are committed to changing lives through martial arts by instilling confidence and leadership skills, preventing violence by teaching peace through strength and developing in young and old a lifelong commitment to better health and fitness.

Opened in Gaston county in January 1994. We are an official Black belt training facility. Our goal is for everyone to become a black belt leader. All of our Instructors are Black belt or above and are required to re-certify every year. Our academy can take a student from white belt to third degree black belt Instructor.

Most of our students earn their Black belts in three to five years and take class about twice per week. In most cases students participate in both martial arts and leadership training together. Everything we teach your child will be his/hers forever. It’s like learning to swim, once you have learned you will never forget. In our martial arts training the same thing happens. Everything we teach your child, self-defense, confidence and self-discipline will be theirs forever. So if your child is ever confronted with unhealthy peer pressure, they will have the confidence to do the right thing and protect themselves. The result of this training will also help your child make better choices about who to become friends with.

This is the main goal for all of our students and we are certain what most parents want for their children.

Why are we different?

I have learned through 23 years of martial arts experience of which 18 were teaching, 15 spent operating my own business. The majority of students quit before ever achieving their goals. In fact we all are quitters and do so at one point or another. The reason for quitting karate is because we place a value on it derived from a monthly cost instead of looking at the whole experience. So every month we reevaluate the cost compared to that months classes. If we miss any classes we feel we wasted money and in fact I suppose it is true to some degree. We have designed a payment system and program that actually ensures success by showing the value as a whole. By doing a program cost not monthly. This way they are paying to complete. If they miss time then that’s ok, they know that they will get the full value of what they are paying for. This allows for a more committed student and therefore more likely to succeed.

For student testing I have developed my 16 steps to success program or S>T>R>I>P>E>S program. In which students receive on stripe for each class attended a total of four black stripes on each side of their belt and then they cover those stripes with colored tape matching the color of their next belt. When they have covered all of the black stripes they are then eligible for their next test at this time they have a total of 16 stripes representing 16 complete classes. This is a cutting edge program designed to generate excitement and drive to make it to class. It also helps with their goal setting and completion. In this program I have created 16 belt levels opposed to the old standard at most schools of 7. This method allows for testing every two months instead of the traditional three and covers all material from white to third degree black belt. In today‘s world people have a need to be rewarded more frequently or they lose interest. Traditionally Karate programs are based on a set of curriculum for students to learn in order to achieve their belts. By doing this I noticed that the parents and students themselves dictate when they are ready to test instead of the Instructor who has the experience to make this decision. By using a 16 lesson rotating class plan instead students are rewarded for each class attended 16 lessons or classes equals one belt there by allowing all students to progress by their efforts not individual skill level. I knew from experience that the old method never worked. That is the reason I originally set out to find a better way. I have found that better way with my lesson plan structure.

Why karate?

Karate is the only activity sport related that has a mandatory respect for others.
For instance in our academy I have designed a system of 12 character trait study that rotates one per month and the students will have a work book that they complete on their own as part of their belt testing.

Students learn what these words mean and how to apply these skills along with their Karate skills.

They learn Goal setting skills as they train for each short term goal of colored belts in order to obtain their long term goal of black belt.

Fighting skills actually give a student an understanding and confidence that leads to better decision making as well as less peer pressure. Decisions such as who to be friends with and the confidence to say no all come from confidence and the belief in ones self.