What is Karate?
Ancient Martial Art
Modern Day Advantage

Karate is an ancient martial art that's roots date back 2000 years. It's techniques have been proven in actual battle. Even though this may not be necessary today, Karate has proven to be the modern day advantage to achieve success and become a leader in all areas of your life.


Understanding The Bow

To begin, the bow is an exchange of courtesy, just like when you meet someone for the first time and you shake their hand.

It is a sign of friendship and respect.

Our martial arts bow is also a promise -- a promise to be careful and considerate.

We promise not to hurt one another. This way we can ensure that our training will be safe.
The bow is also a reminder to always do your best -- not just here at the academy, but at home, school, work and everywhere you go.


Demonstrating Respect
Eye Contact
Using "sir" and "ma'am"
Honoring Rules

Let me explain how our martial arts students lean to demonstrate respect for themselves and others.

First is eye contact. Always look the person that you are speaking with directly in the eye. This shows what you and the other person have to say is important.

Second, demonstrate respect by using sir and ma'am at home and at school. Whenever an academy staff member or black belt talk with you, answer with "Yes or No Sir", "Yes or No Ma'am".

Third is honoring the rules. When students are home and their parent tells them to do something, they must do it the first time they are asked, without hesitation...that means right away! Parents, this is how you can help. At home, make sure your child always demonstrates a black belt leadership attitude.


Student Oath

I will develop myself
In a positive manner,
And avoid anything that could
Reduce my mental growth or
Physical health.
I intend to develop self-discipline
In order to bring out the
Best of myself and others.
I intend to use what I
Learn in class constructively
And defensively to help
Myself and my fellow man
And never to be abusive or offensive.
At Karate Evolution...we teach only traditional martial arts. We will not have any extreme forms of martial arts in our schools.

“In my opinion, Martial Arts schools teaching children should never teach classes that will Influence kids in a negative way such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Tai, or Krav Maga). Just by offering them in the same school where kids karate is taught undermines the character development which is so crucial to the children’s program. I know I never want to see my child involved in any art where the competitors are brutally beating each other. This is certainly not what Karate instruction is all about.”
-Master Mike Rhoads-