Are extreme forms of martial arts being taught to my children?

No. We only teach a traditional martial art that teaches non violent means for handling any situation, then only using enough karate to diffuse the situation.
We believe that a school that teaches children should never teach any extreme karate such as MMA (mixed martial arts) or Muay Tai or Krav Maga. Just by teaching these systems in the same school as we teach children is sending a mixed message. Kids learn by example and the example that we teach is peace and respect for others. I personally do not ever want to see my child in a ring getting beaten and bloodied and I am sure most parents would agree.

Is karate in general going to make my child violent?

No, traditional karate such as we teach here helps a child understand their emotions. Anger is a good and necessary emotion it helps us to take action and is very useful in self-defense. Anger itself is not bad. It is how we use it controlled or uncontrolled that determines bad or good it is not the anger but the results of that anger that can be bad or good. We need this emotion. It is a natural phenomenon of our psyche that helps us to succeed in life. Our program will help your child to learn to control this emotion and use it in a positive manor.
How do we learn to control anger? Anger is a self-defense mechanism. When we suppress our anger it builds up even greater it does not go away. First we let the child know that it is not bad because they can not help it so they feel and start to believe that they are bad. Eventually accepting this they will act this way as well. Then we tell them that it is natural and OK to feel anger but that they must learn to control it. And third we give them an outlet to release there anger safely.

What if we can’t make our scheduled class?

We have classes morning afternoon and evening 6 days a week Monday thru Saturday so that scheduling is never a problem.

Is the class safe?

Yes absolutely. With over 15 years of experience teaching children and adults. We have mastered the program and created an environment that is Fun Safe and Exciting. Our programs yield maximum benefit at the highest level of safety possible. No one is put in anything they don’t want to do or are not completely prepared for.


Will I have to test in front of a lot of people?

No we believe all people learn and develop differently. We recommend group testing however you can opt for private or belt reward based off class attendance alone


I heard some schools constantly hound you for referrals do you do that?

No If you like what you see here then you will tell people about us on your own. We receive referrals constantly but it’s not because we force them out of our students.