Basic Program

White, yellow, orange belt materia
6 months, 1-2 classes per week

3 life skills in rotation

One steps

Basic self defense

Paper target only

Physical drill time requirements

Black Belt Club

Red, green, blue, purple and brown material

24+ months, 2 classes per week

9 life skills in rotation

Shodan to Sandan forms
(rotational instruction)

Sparring combinations

Class and graduation sparring

Board breaking

Access to seminars

Physical drill time requirements

Master Club

Belt rank specific material through 3rd degree black belt

36+ months, 2 classes per week plus 2 MC classes: SWAT/STORM, competition, demo team, DEFEND

12 black belt life skills in rotation

Access to special seminars

Rank-specific forms:
musical, weapon, competition

Sparring combination

Sparring types:
Competition, kickboxing, reality

Board breaking:
Advanced and multiple station

9 weapons

Physical drill time requirements

Leadership Program

White to 3rd degree material

12/36 months continuous rotation

Unlimited classes

Leadership class twice per week

12 leadership traits in rotation

Our special leadership seminars

Access to all seminars

State and world championship participation allowed
(with instructor’s approval)

USD certification

Accelerated graduation: 31 classes per rank
(with instructors approval)

3 martial arts
Instructor training modules

Physical drill time requirements